Glass fiber is an excellent performance of inorganic non-metallic materials, a wide range of advantages is good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength. QL-Custom is used as the insulation of the wire conductor, which can play the role of high temperature and abrasion resistance. The glass fiber is usually used as the reinforcing material in the composite material, the electrical insulation material , the circuit board and other industries.

The natural mica sheet is made of thick slices of mica, which are applied to TV sets, power capacitors, thermal relays, surveillance monitors, mica insulated wire and so on. The mica is made of thick slices, thickened, cut, drilled or punched, with certain thickness and certain shape mica parts. , Aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant matrix tablets as the original auxiliary insulation materials. Its material for the natural mineral products, with no pollution, insulation, good resistance to voltage characteristics, high temperature can withstand 900F.

Teflon insulated wire has: non-sticky, heat resistance, sliding, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance. So Teflon wire compared with other high-temperature wires has: excellent thermal stability and mechanical wear-resistant electrical insulation properties, Teflon wire has three types of jacket:

  • PTFE: PTFE tapes insulated can be used continuously at 260℃, with the highest temperature 290-300℃, very low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability.
  • FEP: FEP extruded materials is melt-flowing a maximum operating temperature of 200C.
  • PFA: PFA has the advantage of having a higher continuous use temperature of 260C, stronger toughness, and is particularly suitable for use in high temperature conditions for sticking and chemical resistance.

XLPE wire is the use of modified polyethylene insulation material through the 1+2 extrusion to complete, the high-energy electron accelerator of the radiation follow the scan window to complete the cross-linking process, resulting in a cross-linking reaction, since the electrons have a high energy , and even through the insulating layer, so the formation of cross-linked bond with high energy, good stability. Showing the physical properties of heat resistance is better than chemical cross-linked cable. The cross linked wire can endure 150C ,and radiated resistant.

Rubber wire, also known as rubber jacket cable, is a double insulated wire; skin and insulation for the rubber material, the conductor is pure copper or tinned copper. Rubber wire is very soft, flexible, cold, high temperature, oil, UV resistance, good flexibility, high strength. In the wire and cable industry, the insulating layer is usually used by chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), to withstand the temperature of -40C ~ 105C, by its performance determines the rubber wire can only be used for low pressure, low frequency environment.

Low smoke zero halogen wire refers to the wire insulation material halogen material, in the case of combustion, do not release the halogen-containing gas, low smoke concentration, the reference standard for the JB/T10491-2004, for rated voltage 450/750V and below, there are halogen-free, low smoke, flame retardant requirements and safety and environmental protection requirements of the high places. QL-Custom company customize and design of low-smoke halogen-free wire and plastic insulation products to meet the relevant use of the environment.