Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) specifies the general requirements for the approval of production parts, including production parts and bulk materials. The purpose of the PPAP is to determine whether the supplier has correctly understood all the requirements of the customer’s engineering records and specifications and whether the production process has the potential to meet the customer’s requirements in the actual production process. PPAP must be suitable for the supply of bulk materials, production materials, production parts or repair parts of internal and external suppliers on-site. For bulk materials, PPAP is not required unless requested by the customer.

How to meet customer needs? How to ensure the stability of production quality? How to successfully pass the customer recognition of our products? Today’s advanced quality management philosophy is based on the process of methods, preventive measures, continuous improvement as the theme, would prefer to take the time and labor in advance from the product design, process development process to ensure product quality improvement planning to ensure follow-up production to reduce variation And waste.

PPAP is usually used as the automotive industry requires the production of parts and components, requiring factories need TS certification. Below is an example of PPAP document list requested should prepare before mass production.


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