The QL-Custom Technology use vertical Injection Molding help customers find solutions for real part ,from plastics selection and rapid prototypings to volume productions. The company has self-creative abilities making tools output and using the tools with injection molded plastics parts and components.

Vertical Injection Molding

Vertical Molding Tool


Mold tools design only for the stand(vertical) injection molding machines:

  • Mold nozzle up direction oriented
  • 1~12 cavities available for shots
  • Lifetime for volume production 100,000~200,000 shots
  • Automatic shoot off
  • Mold tool temperature controller OEM added

Injection molding at a certain temperature, through the screw stirring completely molten plastic material, with high pressure injected into the mold cavities, after cooling and curing, to get the parts method. This method is suitable for mass production of intricated parts. Advantages including the production speed, high efficiency, the operation can be automated, color varieties, the shape can be from simple to complex, dimensions can be large to small, and the product size is accurate, easy to replace the product, can mold complex Parts, injection molding for a large number of production and complex products is efficiency. This molding currenctly serve connectors ,electronic industries , cable relief, plastic sockets ,switches, variety of plastics products beside our life.

Vertical Injection Molding

Products Defects Analyze


Injection molding process used in a variety of plastic raw materials, mold design of the types and forms are varied, in addition, the operation of workers for a particular degree of familiarity with the injection molding machine and the workers between the operating skills, practical experience differences are also different, At the same time, the objective environment (such as ambient temperature, humidity, air cleanliness) will vary with the seasons, these objective and subjective conditions together determine the injection molding defects.In general, the evaluation of the performance of plastic products mainly has three aspects:

  • The appearance of quality, including integrity, color, gloss;
  • The accuracy between size and relative position, ie, dimensional accuracy and position accuracy;
  • With the use of the corresponding mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, performances.

if there is a problem due to any of the above three aspects, it will lead to the production and expansion of product defects.

Injection Molding Products Common Defect Classification Summary

Appearance defects: color change, weld marks

Process problems:  flashes ,shrink, lack of resins

Process problems: warping, brittle