In-mold decoration technology, also known as free coating technology. IMD is the international popular surface decoration technology, due to the many advantages of (IMD) for 3C, home appliances, LOGO and auto parts of the plastic products, especially the popular mobile phone shell and all kinds of instrument panel. Many countries in the world such as Germany Bayer, the United States GE, Japan and South Korea are investing a lot of manpower and material in the development of new materials suitable for the process, QL-Custom mold tools out put with IMD more popular and practical for different customers needs, Contact us by email to get OEM & ODM fast quotations.

Mold Design (IMD)

IMD & IML Applications


IMD / IML products with high clarity, three-dimensional sense of good, scratch-resistant surface, can be free to change the design patterns, enhance the appearance of beautiful products, reflecting the advantages of perfect shaped structure, widely used in mobile phone lenses, Shape the appearance of the product. To solve the previous acrylic flat can not achieve the special effects and a variety of colors.

IMD Advantages


  • Scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, long shots life.
  • Three-dimensional sense.
  • Dust, moisture, anti-variable ability.
  • Color arbitrarily change, the pattern is free to change.
  • From the sheet of the printing , mold design to the injection mold;
  • Greatly reduce the development time to ensure timely delivery;
  • Design flexibility, at a lower cost to achieve rapid product diversification;
  • No panel paste, does not contain any capacity-type glue, in line with environmental requirements;
  • Button can be achieved when the mold injection molding, the key life can play 1 million times; to achieve three-dimensional surface of the high-precision decoration, decorative patterns built, never wear (unless destroyed);
  • Higher scratch resistance and light transmission, easy to achieve permanent clear display;
  • Highly integrated, save the subsequent assembly process, rapid assembly, improve the pass rate;
  • 3D prototyping, so that complex components can also achieve a high level of decoration;
  • To the end user more beautiful, lighter, more solid, more choices, more secure. Application areas: widely used in various products, such as household appliances, computers and peripheral products, mobile communications terminal products, automotive industry.