QL-Custom in 2013 launched a new hot runner system for mold, mainly for the high value of plastic used, saving customers material costs, our more than 4 years of hot runner system design experience to meet customer demand for different flow channel systems , meanwhile, rich experienced design and mold masters to ensure the delivery of each set of molds, QL-Custom can also make the required end products for customers, thanks to our effective injection molding production lines.

Hot Runner System

What is Hot Runner System Mold


The Hot Runner is a system for molding which saving the materials usage, the materials runner extensive a longer way getting closer to the mold cavity. The system working without wasting plastic. It saved a lot especially for some expensive materials. It is popular although the cost is higher than current mold design during large q’ty production.

The hot runner system is divided into a fully hot runner and a semi hot runner. Fully runner design is complex, but the effect is good and maintenance costs are very low. Semi-hot runner structure is simple, stable and easy to use, low failure rate, because the structure is simple ,therefore low maintenance costs, the stability of the production have a greater guarantee. Hot runner classification: open (for semi-hot runner), needle valve type (for fully runner).

 Hot Runner System assembling case study


  • Set up the mold, flat on the mold, with the wind to clean all the holes and templates.
  • Check the size of each hole, focusing on the depth of inspection. Clear the burrs on the template. Also check the screw hole of the lock manifold and whether the center nail and the anti-pin hole are finished. This place for the first time to do the hot runner mold master often missed.
  • The hot mouth seal bit and the stage of the two parts with the mold with the red red.
  • The hot Tsui test equipment, and then remove the check seal bit
    (1) whether to rub red red, stairs bit
    (2) No touch the mold. If not, stop the installation, check the cause of the error to adjust. To ensure that with the tight without leakage material. This process should be careful not to touch the tip of the tip.
  • Will be installed all the hot Tsui, while the installation of the center pad, the center pin, anti-dump sales. And in its plane sweep red.
  • Check the Tsui plane and center pad height, the error control within 0.05mm.
Hot Runner System