Good design team and creative ability to promote our rapid development, teamwork allows us more efficient, the company has six senior designers, eight college graduates, 18 experienced mold masters, a good production team to a greater extent to ensure the smooth output of the molds, but also to protect the customer’s production schedule, rigorous process + precision machining the production process to save some unnecessary mistakes, not only reduces the cost ,but also leaving customers get products timely to market.


Machine automation not only reduces the cost of enterprise management, but also speed up the mold output dates,the staff of the meticulous inspection also makes the product more accurate, and its own inspection to ensure the correctness of the product.


The main purpose of EDM is:
1 processing with complex shape of the hole and cavity of the mold and parts;
2 processing of various hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy and hardened steel;
3 processing deep hole, shaped hole, deep groove, narrow slit and cutting sheet;
4 processing all kinds of forming tools, tools and tools such as the model and the thread ring gauge.


Machining mainly manual processing and CNC machining two categories. Manual processing refers to the manual workers through the operation of milling machines, lathes,drill presses and sawing machines and other mechanical equipment to achieve a variety of materials for processing methods. Manual processing is suitable for small batch,simple parts production. CNC Machining (CNC) refers to the use of CNC machine tools for processing, these CNC equipment, including machining centers, milling centers,wire EDM, thread cutting machines, etc.


Inspect the mold tools dimensions, timely correct.


Injection molding is the use of injection molding machine (or injection machine) will be under high pressure in the melt into the mold cooling, curing products.From the assembly of the molds to the tool install into the molding machine, the process is operated by experienced workers, and they know exactly how to do the pre-productions, no matter high-temperature molds, low-temperature molds, or hot runner molds. They know how to keep these tools working stable for mass products.


Automatic terminal crimping machine can cut the length of wire, fixed length stripping, and then hit the terminal. Automatic terminal crimping machine in the home appliance wiring harness and automotive wiring harness processing industry is widely used,Radio, aircraft, trains, etc. are inseparable from the wiring harness.