Custom cables is based on the customer’s design and production to meet customer-specific use of the environment of the wire, it is not the standard cable assembly, custom wire copper, wire structure, insulation selection, square number, core gauge, are specified by the customers, is usually used in different electronic products, or electrical equipment, play a signal transmission or power connection role. Wiring means the arrangement of wires between the components, the first line of cloth, the wire through the hole in the electrical connection, under normal circumstances, in order to facilitate the connectivity, through processing the wire core wire , Such as crimping the terminal, or twisted wire tin plated, so that the welding element can be achieved at the same time, to achieve the connection between components.

Custom Cable

> Our OEM service

  • Give you a Quote.
  • Help you to design your cables.
  • Custom made mold tooling service.
  • Build Cable and connective drawings.
  • Making article samples.
  • Mass production.

> Custom Mold tooling service

Custom made mold tools

Industry Served


  • Electronics Assemblies

  • Industrial Automation

  • Medical and Millitary

  • PCB assemblies

  • Aviation and Telecommunications

  • Probes, sensors and switches

  • Solar and Clean energes