Generally speaking , cables use in signal transmission when not in power supply, the signal cable should be shielding for application. Particularly some complicated magnetic fields. Different field different design for shielding, example for cable Tin plated braiding, Stainless steel braiding, Aluminum foil tapes or Drain wires under cable jackets. Also some printers cable shielding by Magnet Ferrite.

Tin Plated Braidings


The tinned braided is an outer cover that is covered with tinned copper wire in a mesh form. This braids can select the weaving density according to the strength of the different shielding signals, or it can be made the outside of the cable is under jacket. This braided cable are widely used in power plants, electrolytic aluminum plants, nonferrous metals and chemical metallurgical environments. Can also be used for transformer installation, high and low voltage open cabinet, vacuum appliances, closed mother slot, generators and bus, rectifier equipment, rectifier cabinet and disconnector connection between the bus and the connection.

Stainless Steel Braidings


Stainless steel braiding is made of 304,304 L and other metal wire processing, the surface is smooth, no rust, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, health, environmental. This braiding and tinned copper braid has a lot of similar functions, but also can play a shielding effect on the signal interference can play a block, but the general wire manufacturers do not weave this kind of braids under cable jacket, because of its toughness , than outside the cable, so that not only to prevent the external signals can also abarsion protective while the cable been carry. This braiding is more difficult to handle in the processing, hand cutting is slowly but QL-Custom has a professional flash stripping machines, for the mass processing of customers greatly improve the production efficiency.

Aluminum Foil and Drain wire


Aluminum foil is kind of shielding QL-Custom to use , which the dispersion of nano-conductive graphite and carbon coated tablets, evenly and finely coated on aluminum foil/copper foil. It provides excellent static conductivity and collects the micro current of the active material, which can significantly reduce the contact resistance between the positive / negative material and the collector, which is the aluminum foil we use in the extruded cable, which can be effectively absorbed external interference signal, and let the cable cores can transmission normally.

Magnet Ferrite Coil


Ferrite magnet ring, referred to as magnetic ring. It is commonly used in electronic circuits anti-jamming components, for high-frequency noise has a very good inhibitory effect, the general use made of ferrite materials (Mn-Zn) . The entire beam of cable through a ferrite ring to form as a common mode choke, according to the need, the cable can also be around the magnetic ring looped a few turns. The more the coils, the better the interference effect of the lower frequency. In the actual project, according to the frequency characteristics of the interference current to adjust the number of loops on the magnetic ferrite.