Micro D-Sub connector is not a popular use in electronic. But it is important and can replace some heavy and large Current DB9 DB25 HD15 connectors.Our connector are designed performance well and UL certified , it’s durability use and quality gurantee in 10years or more.

Pitch : 1.27mm

Available Male Micro-Dsub 9,  Micro-Dsub 15, Micro-Dsub 25

Female Micro-Dsub 9,  Micro-Dsub 15, Micro-Dsub 25

Soldering flying leads or Cable with overmolding type are available

Micro D sub

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Industry Served


  • Electronics Assemblies

  • Industrial Automation

  • Medical and Millitary

  • PCB assemblies

  • Aviation and Telecommunications

  • Solar and Clean energes