Our over-molded millitary spec connector(Mil Spec Connector) was nylon PA6 and Fiber glass plastic which could be standing high temperature and cold whether when customers using them for out door use. The overmolding strain relief MS3106 (Or similar name as MS5015) straight plug has higher IP67 water-proof functionally reliable than assembled connector due to the melt plastic has been sealed with the connector tail. We support customer various free options for Low temperature molding, PVC and toughness high temperature molding plastic resin for chemical resistant requirement.

 << Brands Of Cross connect coupling


Alternative brands including MIL-DTL-5015 / Amphenol / Array / ITT Cannon / DDK / Milspec , etc.

ITT Cannon


They seldom provide over-molded strain relief on plug but assembling types. Items number most are equal to 3106 ,receptable was 3100, 3101 and 3102 series.

Coulping side and types

3100Through Box
3101Wire to wire
3102On wall


More types of Mil Spec Connectors

Owing to the fact that there is a vast range of military applications that involve electrical currents, equally there is a vast range of MIL-SPEC electrical connectors and MIL-SPEC fiber optic connectors. Some of these include:

  • MS 5015 connector
  • MS 3106 connector
  • MS 22992 connector
  • MS 26482 connector
  • MS 26500 connector
  • MS 81703 connector
  • MS 83723 connector


MS 5015 Connector

The MS 5015 Connector series is the most common of all the cylindrical connectors. The series is a rugged and versatile over and above having environmental resistance qualities. Their electrical capability is proven for a less expensive solution. Also, they offer 286 contact arrangements from 1- 104 circuits. Their availability varies from solder contacts, threaded couplings, coaxial and thermocouple contacts, and finally ROHS compliant versions.

Some of its features and benefits include; Environmental sealing Easier customization due to the over 280 insert patterns All in one power and signal connector Has optional filtered plug connectors High grade aluminum alloy is used to fabricate the shell to provide extra strength and environmental protection

The MS 5015 connectors are applied in various fields; Electronic, electrical power, and control circuits Large numbers for defense, civil, and industrial applications due to their versatility, reliability, and ease of supply.


MS 3106 Connector

The MS 3106 Connector is a type plug that incorporates waterproof wire-sealing back shell and a cable clamp which provide strain relief. It is highly regarded as a present day replacement for all MIL-DTL-5015 cable plugs (MIL-C-5015 / SAE AS50151) cable plugs, including the MS3106A, MS3106C,


MS3106E, MS3106F, and MS3106R.

When disconnected, the plug ought to be sealed with a protective cover to ensure high reliability. It has well-proven electrical capability which is at an acceptable cost, enhancing its durability. Some of its features and benefits include; Ranges from medium to heavy-weight cylindrical Has a durable design well proven for the field Split end bell service class 3000 VAC RMS (at sea level operating voltage)


Some of the applications of the MS 3106 Connector include;

  1. Aerospace,
  2. Defense,
  3. Military,
  4. Communications and Networking,

 << How To select the cable use on the 3106 connectors ?


  1. Signal transmission, Tin copper conductor Control cable PVC insulation are available for indoor use.
  2. Power input , Bare copper 18 gauge or 20AWG gauge, specific base on the current  request of the electricity.
  3. Sensor transducer & Measurement scale and out door equipment, Tin plated, Constantan (Nickel plated copper), Iron or Chrome conductor for thermocouple device and food temperature meter current are Teflon insulations, even Fiber glass ,mica insulations are necessary.

<< How To Guarantee the cable connector coupling water tight ?


  • O’ring is the seal of the connector when coupling to the receptable side.
  • Threaded nut installing is the key while threading it to the bottom.
  • Strain Relief materials should be bond to the connector plastic.

<< Over molding and it’s advantages


Basically put, over molding involves combination of the wire and the connector by use of two or more materials in a molding process. This creates a single part. In order to achieve this, one places the cable assembly inside a mold. A rigid plastic component is required for this processs, whereby it is laid using a TPU layer.

The over molding brings forth a few benefits which comprise of the following; Greater life span Increased reliability


The internal components are therefore shielded because of over molding, in addition to fortifying protective qualities and also goes ahead to help in surviving of the given cable assemblies upon exposure to rugged conditions. Therefore through over molding, one; Increases the flexibility of the cable exit; this is where there is greater  movement of the cable and connector taking place Provides resistance to persistent wear and tear and shock impact Make cable assemblies waterproof Provides all round relief of strain and increased pull strength Creates water resistant seal which clears cable assemblies in pursuit of an IP certification Improve the appearance, quality and the overall outlook the of cable assemblies replacing the requirement for the expensive metal back shell Reduce human error Make cable assemblies tamper proof


Over molding also helps one to achieve higher levels of customization. One can easily come up with a new product that perfectly suits the needs of their application, at a lower expense. Overall, over molding suits cable assemblies that face harsh weather conditions, exposure to debris, high-pressure melt downs and frequent strain. The most common areas of application in over molding are;

solar energy

military equipment

consumer electronics

medical equipment

industrial/OEM applications