QL-Custom design and inject molded and machining plastic parts by this special PEEK (Victrex brand) for many years since 2013. PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) is a high tough and chemichal property plastic resin most popular use on Military, Aerospace and Nuclear industries. We have 3 engineers had manged how to inject the PEEK and how to select the mold steels ,including using high properties with injection molding screws. As the high toughness of plastic resin we had already designed and purchased spare spru for molding melt plastic inject into the mold.

PEEK injection molding, PEEK Plastic CNC machined parts

 PEEK plastic


Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) resin is a special performance of engineering plastics, compared with other special engineering plastics has more significant advantages, resistance to high temperature 260degrees, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubricating, chemical resistance , Flame retardant, peel resistance, wear resistance, intolerance to strong nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, anti-radiation, superior mechanical properties, the molded parts or machined parts can be used for high-end machinery, nuclear engineering and aviation technology.

 PEEK Machined parts after molding


After molding , the PEEK plastic resin will becoming the shape what we want when melt PEEK running into what a shape we designed already molds. As a matter of fact the mold tool also have some points couldn’t be reaching there when some of customer wants. So, we need to use CNC machining to finalize the last design based on a drawing we designed at the start. This way could guarantee 100% matching our customers’ needs.

  • With high mechanical strength and rigidity
  • The highest fatigue strength.
  • Environmental resistance, good resistance to organic solvents
  • PEEK can be dried before drying, preferably in the process of preheating (about 80 ℃), the stability of the product size is good
  • Resistant to repeated impact, good electrical properties, good recovery, with their own lubrication, good wear resistance, excellent dimensional stability.
PEEK injection molding, PEEK Plastic CNC machined parts


PEEK molded parts are seldom use in our life due to the high cost of the plastic and manufacturing. But it’s safety and reliable used in Military , Aviations, Oil and Nuclear industries. Of course some of durable required small molded part are also available.

  • PEEK molded parts are popular use in Military spec plastic but high quality used like the Gun Defense light mirro.
  • Aviation like the Airplane hubcap
  • Petrochemical seal
  • Automotive oil pumps, brake accessories
  • Some of electronic industry nozzle and precision rears
  • Fasteners which could be substitute with steel
  • Nuclear hook-up wires