Plastic Alloy, meaning Plastic Metal, substance including 2 or more engineering plastic, materials for Plastic Molding ,properties improved and super well-adapted, according to different applications, we recommended customers to use: SMA, MPPE, ABS/Nylon (ABS fiber glass added), ABS/PC, ABS/PBT, PC/PBT. Plastic alloy effectively combines the excellent performance of the two materials, complement each other. For the application of special industries greatly improve the service life, which is why it is favored by the market the root causes.

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SMA + Glass Fiber (GF) alloy is a kind of excellent engineering plastic, which has high heat resistance, high modulus and good processing performance, good long-term aging performance, good chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low odor and other characteristics. Widely used in automotive dashboard and other components.

  • Impact resistance, good rigidity

  • High heat resistance, high rigidity

  • Dashboard and sub-instrument panel door

MPPE Alloy


MPPE has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability and hydrolysis resistance, high temperature and low creep performance, is a low smoke halogen-free new plastic material, by injection molding or extrusion molding Out of the products are widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic, water pumps and other fields.

  • High heat resistance, high impact, add 20% mineral, 20% mineral

  • Halogen free, high impact, high flow

  • Halogenated, high gloss

  • Halogen-free, high heat resistance

  • Excellent chemical resistance

Further more Plastic Alloy


  • PA/ABS

PA / ABS alloy HNB series of products with many common materials can not achieve the excellent performance. Its main features are: high impact strength, good thermal stability, excellent chemical resistance, better than nylon stability, special surface soft matte effect, crystalline materials and amorphous materials blended by To bring the shock absorption and sound absorption performance..

  • PC/ABS

PC/ABS, polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and blends are thermoplastic plastics made from Polycarbonate and polyacrylonitrile (ABS) alloys, combining two materials (UV) and other properties, molded parts can be widely used in automotive interior parts, business machines, communications equipment, home appliances and lighting equipment on the basis of the excellent properties of ABS materials and PC mechanical, impact strength and temperature.

  1. The overall performance is better, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties.

  2. 372 plexiglass good weldability, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome-plated surface, paint treatment.

  3. High impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other levels.

  4. Mobility than HIPS almost, than the PMMA, PC, good flexibility.

  5. The excellent balance of mechanical properties

  6. Low temperature also has high impact strength

  7. Indoor UV stability



ABS / PBT has good heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance and mobility, suitable for car interior parts, motorcycle outside the bedding, etc.; and add antistatic agent permanent antistatic grades are: copier , ABS / PSU, ABS / PVC, ABS / PVC / PET, ABS / EPDM, ABS / CPE, ABS / PU, etc. Alloy; high gloss ABS for vacuum cleaners, fans, air conditioners, telephones and other household electrical appliances, by controlling the rubber in the rubber R + (smaller) to achieve, low gloss ABS for the instrument panel, instrument cover, Interior parts, with the filling method to make the surface micro-shrinkage, reduce the surface gloss.

  • PC/PBT 

PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT, usually in the form of pellets after the blending of the material. PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT, usually in the form of pellets after the blending of the material. If only two kinds of simple mixing, direct injection, the effect is poor, there will be stratification.


PMMA / ABS alloy with high gloss, good liquidity, the surface is more beautiful, which Hyun black series with unparalleled blackness, to achieve the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. High surface hardness, good scratch resistance, excellent weather resistance and other characteristics, in order to achieve the purpose of spraying, the product is environmentally friendly, to achieve a harmonious unity of man and nature.

  • Transparent series. Can be free to design materials according to the requirements, giving it a different light transmission rate, the application areas are LCD front shell and decorative strip, transparent packaging materials, toys, humidifier, vacuum cleaner shell, home appliances, windows and telephone shell.

  • High light, spray-free series. This kind of material because of the concept of environmental protection, and omit the product of the post-processing technology, reducing the use of materials costs, become the largest PMMA / ABS production, the market’s most widely used series of products. Mainly used in home appliances shell, car TV, CD chassis, display shell, printer, copier parts, mobile phone and charger shell and so on the gloss and scratch resistance of the higher areas.

  • Special effects series. At present, the most popular hyun black, pearl, metal texture effect fully demonstrates the unique advantages of PMMA/ABS, more and more attention and favored by the market, the main application areas are home appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, high-grade audio panels, Refrigerator decoration and so on. At present, the market of these products are mainly pearl effect, metal effect, porcelain white effect.