Blue Drain OBD round cable to DB25 male

Item #QLC16101 Inquiry

Custom made OBDII with black PVC cable to DB9 female

Item #QLC16104 Inquiry

Installable OBD II male cable with molded Strain relief to Molex connector

Item #QLC16109 Inquiry

OBD male overmolded cable to JST 2Pin wire to wire connector

Item #QLC16111 Inquiry

OBDII 16pin male to HDB26pin female (High density 26pin)

Item #QLC16107 Inquiry

OBDII cable molded to DB25 male with an extended DC jack

Item #QLC16105 Inquiry

OBDII male with molding SR to OBD female and double DB9 female molded

Item #QLC16106 Inquiry

UL2464 20AWG cable OBD male to molding DB9 male with thumb screws

Item #QLC16108 Inquiry