J1939 Can Bus Cable and Wiring

J1939 Can Bus Cable and Wiring

J1939 Can Bus Cable and Wiring

22AWG (0.3mm²)
Nickel plated

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CAN is the abbreviation of Controller Area Network (CAN). It was developed by German BOSCH company, which is famous for developing and producing automotive electronics products, and eventually became an international standard (ISO 11898). It is the most widely used in the world. One of the fieldbuses. In North America and Western Europe, the CAN bus protocol has become the standard bus for automotive computer control systems and embedded industrial control LANs, and has the J1939 protocol designed for large trucks and heavy machinery vehicles with CAN as the underlying protocol.


In the automotive industry, various electronic control systems have been developed for safety, comfort, convenience, low pollution, and low cost. Since the types of data used for communication between these systems and the reliability requirements are different, there are many cases in which a plurality of buses are formed, and the number of wire harnesses also increases. In 1986, the German electrician Bosch developed a CAN communication protocol for automobiles in order to meet the need to “reduce the number of wire harnesses” and “high-speed communication of large amounts of data through multiple LANs”. Since then, CAN has been standardized by ISO11898 and ISO11519 and is the standard protocol for automotive networks in Europe.
The high performance and reliability of CAN have been recognized and widely used in industrial automation, marine, medical equipment, industrial equipment and so on. Fieldbus is one of the hotspots in the development of technology in the field of automation today, and is known as the computer LAN in the field of automation. Its emergence provides powerful technical support for distributed control systems to achieve real-time and reliable data communication between nodes.


Custom made OBD Cables:

  • Over Molding type (Most popular , most quality reliable)
  • Installable Assembling type
  • Splitter with Strain Relief
  • Metal Stamping Relief
  • Other Custom Made ways available


Our product including:

OBD male to female, OBD to RS232 D-Sub with overmolded thumb screws. OBD GPS Tracking Cable, OBD To Molex & JST,OBD To Network RJ45 cables and RJ45 Jack. Other Detection and Diagnostic cables. That’s pro-people things was we have some old cars detection cables for various of brands like Das Auto VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Citroen, Fiat, etc.

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