Technomelt hotmelt resins

Technomelt Resin (Original name Macromelt Resin) is a brand of Henkel adhesives, it is a low temperature and low pressure molding materials using in low pressure injection molds. It is a good choice for encapsulating PCB and some sensitive components. QL-Custom currently use this brand materials including PA series ,PO series, PUR seies find solutions for customers because of it’s reliable property. Macromelt Molding is a low-pressure friction process that utilizes hot melt adhesives to match excellent sealing and protection of electronic components. This process is environmentally friendly and contributes to overall cost reduction by increasing productivity. This superior technology provides higher productivity than the casting, potting resins widely used in the current sealing process.

Technomelt Resin Classify

PA – Polyamide

  • Chemical resistant, conductive good
  • Water resistant,oil resistant
  • Low temperature and high temperature (-40~140)
  • Electrical insulated
  • Rapid solid while running into the cavities
  • Shrinking rate < 0.5%

PO – Polyolefin

  • Good bonding to non-pole materials : PE PP PET
  • Chemical resistant
  • Weather proof

PUR – Hotmelt

  • Low injection molding temperature, operation temperature 110C~140C
  • Good bonding to different plastic resins including ABS/PC/PVC
  • Some bonding properties to Metals

Applicated Mold and tools

Low pressure molding tool design different with high pressure mold, the nozzle of mold on the side of mold, it’s unnecessary design the nozzle up-side accepting high pressure from barrel, low pressure injection from self-governed mode by the side, becaues  the low pressure materials have good liquidity.

Low pressure mold tool