QL-Custom Technology Limited is an ISO9001:2008 professional company that specializes in Custom made Over molding cable assembly and wire harness. If you are looking for the best partner in plastic molding, low pressure molding (PCB over molding) and wiring, then you have finally come to the right place where you will be served by a highly experienced and competent team – leaders in the industry. We manufacture high quality parts that are used in a wide range of applications across diverse industries in the world including electronic, medical, automotive, telecommunication, military, clean energy, and other tip precision industries.

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As our valued customer, you will enjoy a full range of manufacturing solutions that entail design, prototype making, production, value added assembly as well as transportation. Our project management experience over the years guarantees smooth operations from start to finish. We are proud to have long term customers who include Tier I and Tier II auto manufacturers as well as industry leading companies across different industries. QL-Custom operates in a modern facility that houses warehousing, engineering, production and important support activities at hand to satisfy all our customers.Superior product line The range of products in the plastic molding category include GPS position track device, vacuum cleaner parts, outdoor/indoor parts, speaker frames, molded connector and sockets, as well as other plastic products. Our cable products have grown in popularity to make us a world class supplier of important items including custom molded cable, automotive wire harness, solar cables and other wire solutions customized for individual customers.


QL-Custom will work with clients throughout the entire process to produce the designs you desire to your specifications. The quality department will analyse all products using advanced testing apparatus before we quickly deliver the parts to your preferred destination. We certainly have the ability and capacity to meet virtually any needs you might have with regards to plastic molding and cable harness, relying on our time tested quality workforce to assure products that will never let you down. We understand the challenges and trends cutting across the electrical design processes across the world and our engineers are always ready to walk with you in this process. Our valuable integration resource saves time and costs for global customers thanks to an effective engineering team that is skilled and meticulous, always dedicated to delivering products that meet the highest standards as stipulated by industry standards. You are assured of a quick production process that is executed to precision. The foremost aim is to deliver the best products and our ability to deliver is based on the following beliefs:

• Excellent customer service: We understand perfectly well that satisfied customers are our number one brand ambassadors .
• A working environment full of positive energy where we work hard every minute while having some fun along the way.
• We only use approved vendors who are proven to deliver high quality raw materials because we know that the quality of the final product is just as good as the raw materials that go into making it.
• Fast deliveries globally.

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