QL-Custom manufactures custom wiring harness, pigtail and wiring components for equipment and facilities manufacturers (OEMs). Some of our markets include: automotive, aftermarket, heavy trucks and public and school buses, farm equipment, marine and industrial markets. Car harnesses are auto-machine processed and then manually assembled to become a complete harness finished to ensure that suitable for a variety of equipment, models. Wire gauge, length, color and casing, labels and jackets are guaranteed to be in original design till to the packaging. Our strict quality control standards ensure that the products you receive are suitable and used as original use. We are very confident in the quality of our custom wiring harness and provide 100% quality assurance and more than 96% on time delivery.

Wiring Harness

Industries Served


  • Electronic connectivity

  • Electro-motor

  • Vehicle wiring

  • Medical device

  • Telecommunications

  • Outdoor and indoor lighting

  • Household appliances and offices

  • Marine and under water electronics

  • Aviation and air crafts

  • Temperature probes

  • Industry Power

  • PCB assembly

  • Military

  • Toys