Rubber and Silicone is a soft plastic not like engineering plastic has a scaled toughness from Shore A 40~ Shore A 90, if you defined your type, example :TPU TPR TPV and TPE, or extra Silicone, they all have toughness themselves. Each here listed materials are soft, they are very flexible been molded as kind of products by aluminum molds, blow molds or extruded molds, such as : Extruded cables, O’ring for seal, Cell phone cover, or some toys and sport products like Yoga mat.



TPE is a rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of plastic injection molding materials. Environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide range of applications, excellent coloring, soft touch, weatherability, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, no vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs, both secondary injection molding, And PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other matrix material coated with adhesive, can also be a separate molding. TPE raw material is currently the mainstream of the production data line, the perfect application in the electronic equipment accessories (data lines, headset lines, audio lines, etc.).

  • Can be used in general thermoplastic molding machine processing, no special processing equipment.
  • Significant increase in production efficiency. Can be directly vulcanized with a rubber injection molding machine, the time from the original 20min or so, shortened to 1min or less; due to the need for vulcanization time is very short, so the extruder has been directly vulcanized, a substantial increase in production efficiency.
  • Easy to use, reduce costs. The waste produced in the production process (out of the burr, squeeze waste plastic) and the final appearance of the waste, you can directly return to reuse; used TPE old products can be recycled after the simple recycling, reduce environmental pollution and expand the source of renewable resources.
  • Energy saving. Most of the thermoplastic elastomer does not require vulcanization or vulcanization time is very short, can effectively save energy.
  • A wider range of applications As TPE rubber and plastic both the advantages of the rubber industry has opened up new applications.
  • Can be used for plastic enhancement, toughening modification. Self-reinforcing, the formula is simplified, the effect of the compound on the polymer is small, the quality performance is easier to grasp. But the heat resistance of TPE as rubber, with the temperature rise and physical decline is greater, and thus the scope of application is limited.



TPR material, Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material, meaning thermoplastic rubber material. Is a kind of thermoplastic rubber with rubber elasticity without vulcanization, can be directly processed molding (such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.) thermoplastic soft rubber.



TPU is Thermoplastic Urethane short, known as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. TPU has excellent high tension, high tension, toughness and anti-aging characteristics, is a mature environmental protection materials. At present, TPU has been widely used with medical and health, electronic appliances, industrial and sports, etc., with other plastic materials can not match the high strength, toughness, wear, cold, oil, water, aging resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics.

  • Auto parts
    Ball joint; dust cover; pedal brake; door lock pin;
    Plate spring bushings; bearings; shock components; internal and external decorative pieces; anti-skid chain
  • Mechanical and industrial parts
    Various gears; seals; shockproof parts; take needle; bushings;
    Cover; connector; rubber sieve; printing roller and so on
  • Other
    From the wheel; handle; strap; mobile phone protective cover; phone shell; Tablet PC protective cover, and so on
  • Pipe and hoses
    High pressure pipe; medical tube; hydraulic pipe; pressure pipe; fuel pipe; coating tube
    Transmission pipe; fire hose and so on
  • Wire and Cable
    Power communication cables; computer wiring; automotive wiring; exploration cables,other
    All kinds of circular pipelines; round belt; V-belt; timing belt; anti-skid belt with rolling belt; software tank, tank; film composite sheet



TPV is Thermoplastic Vulcanizate short, is highly vulcanized EPDM EPDM particles dispersed in the continuous polypropylene PP phase composed of high molecular elastomer material. TPV physical properties and functions at room temperature similar to thermosetting rubber, at high temperatures for the performance of thermoplastic properties, can be quickly and economically and easily processed.

  • Excellent anti-aging properties and good weathering, heat resistance;
  • Excellent anti-permanent deformation performance;
  • Excellent tensile strength, high toughness and high resilience;
  • Excellent environmental performance and reusable;
  • Excellent electrical insulation performance;
  • Wide range of hardness;
  • The use of a wide temperature range;
  • Color diversification, all transparent, translucent, light-colored series, easy to color, easy processing molding;
  • With PP, PA, PC, ABS, PS, PBT, PET and other materials were co-injection or extrusion molding.


Silicone is a highly active adsorbent material, is an amorphous material; in addition to alkali, hydro fluoric acid does not react with any material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability. Various types of silica because of its different manufacturing methods to mold a different micro porous structure. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica determines that it has many other similar materials difficult to replace the characteristics of high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and so on.

  • Applicated products

Molded silica products are usually through the high temperature mold into the vulcanizing agent, after adding solid silica gel raw materials through the vulcanization machine to exert pressure, high temperature sulfur into solid molding, molded silica gel hardness is usually 30 ° C-70C. Ingredients with color paste in accordance with Pantone color card number out of color, the shape of the mold determines by molded silicone products, molded silicone products is the most widely used in the silicone industry. Mainly used only silicone industrial accessories, buttons, silicone gifts, silicone bracelet, silicone watches, key cases, mobile phone sets, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone pads, ice lattice, cake mold, and so on.